Back Massage

Back Massage – Over 70% of people complain of back pain. Among the most popular options for dealing with this problem is the back massage. It finds application including in the treatment of chronic back pain. The effectiveness of this alternative method has been proven by numerous studies. The use of massage to address back pain is related to the application of different massage techniques, each of which aims to provide a general sense of calm, release muscle tension and pain. The effect of the massage in solving the problem of back pain can be found in three areas: Mechanical action – is to mechanically stretch the skin and the ejection of tissue fluid to vessels in the body. It has a pronounced therapeutic effect; Humoral action – the massages contribute to the formation of biologically active substances with a pronounced physiological effect; Reflex action – it has a key role. Thanks to this action massage irritating individual tissues in consequence of which sent impulses to the nervous system. This improves blood circulation, relax and tone the muscles, achieving a calming and analgesic effect. There is also an argument for the existence of bioenergy action in massage based on Far Eastern philosophy and the use of so. Pomegranate. Acupuncture points on the body (approximately 350 points). If there is a health complaint these points are biologically active and using special techniques can cause release of bio-energy in the body and to influence favorably the problem, including the back pain. The […]

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