Nude massage

Nude massageFrom the time when Eve ate the apple in the Garden of Eden, we cover our bodies with beautiful clothing. We began to feel ashamed of our appearance and we have done everything possible to cover nakedness and hide our disadvantages. Nudism undress our bodies that  are hidden under the clothes and therefore, nude massages have become increasingly popular.

Anyone can enjoy the freedom offered by the naked massage, whether it is your first or hundredth time. Nude massage is a great way to enjoy Tantra massage.(prices)

This type of massage offers freedom, relaxation and liberation, which only Nudism can bring to the  spiritual awakening of Tantra. If this is your first time to the nude massage so  it will be a very easy and fun introduction to this exciting new world.

Your masseur will help you embrace your true inner nature and help you feel completely comfortable and warm. Nude massage or nudist massage is exactly as it sounds.  In this type of massage the client and the masseur should be completely naked. This is not just to help you feel more comfortable, but is also used to provide you with a truly unique and exciting experience.

Your naked  masseur uses different massage techniques in order to increase your pleasure and stimulation.

In addition to the VIP nude massage also includes techniques  of Tantra massage for provoking sexual energy of the patient, which further enhances the pleasure of massage. Nudist massage and Tantra massage offers both ladies and gentlemens.

In Bulgaria there are very few places where this type of massage is offered.

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