How a Massage Influences the Lymphatic System


How a Massage Influences the Lymphatic SystemThe massage of the lymphatic system is called lymphatic drainage massage. The lymph and the tissue fluids play a crucial role when it comes to metabolism. The movements of the lymphatic fluid are extremely slow – only 4 to 5 mm per second. In case there is some kind of disruption in these movements then the lymphatic fluid, together with the tissue fluid, are stored in the space between cells and this leads to the occurrence of swellings. They are most visible in those areas where tissue is lax – for example, under the eyes. The drainage of the farthest and lowest parts becomes quite difficult, mostly around our ankles. Out lymphatic nodes are a kind of a natural sieve – they have the ability to capture and eliminate all foreign microorganisms which happen to enter our lymphatic system, preventing their further invasion into our organism.

The lymphatic drainage massage has a strong effect on the lymphatic system and its circulation:

  • During such a massage with the help of mechanic methods, the fluid stored in between cells is drained towards lymph capillaries
  • The lymphatic fluid moves from the periphery towards regional lymphatic nodes
  • The lymphatic capillaries become significantly wide – up to 3 to 4 times wider than normal and thus the speed of the lymphatic circulation is stimulated – the speed can increase up to 7, even 8 times

As a result of these actions, the swellings under the skin begin to shrink a number of pathological deposits in the tissue are eliminated (including old hemorrhages).

The lymphatic system is able to detoxify our body – all poisons stored in our body as a result of the wrong nutrition and way of life, are removed from the body. Increasing the speed of the lymphatic circulation optimizes metabolism inside the cells and improves their nutrition. The massage of the lymphatic system also decreases tension in tissues, showing a strong anesthetic effect.

The massage of the lymphatic system is beneficial when we have swellings which occurred as a result of various surgical interventions, when we suffer from a sprain, when we suffer from severe symptoms during pregnancy, when we suffer from chronic fatigue in our lower limbs.

Extremely beneficial essential oils for this massage which guarantee the reinforcement and the regeneration of the body are those from fennel, palma rosa, rose, geranium, rosemary, cypress and chamomile.

The massage of the lymphatic system is highly recommended as a combination with various anti-cellulite procedures. This type of massage starts from the toes and ends with the massaging the ears.

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