Tantra – the Art of Touch and Caressing. The Tantric Massage honors men and rewards the human body when practiced – often enough and as per the well-accepted rules so as to yield the desired outcomes.

TantraTantra is a life philosophy which subjects its mantra entirely on the human well-being. Its views rely on and derive strictly from the understanding of the potence of one’s sexual energy, and in turn – the ultimate source of vitality. The tantra philosophy can guide us through the challenging process of achieving a decent level of self-confidence – a prerequisite of well-being and success – especially in terms of social matters and their equally important derivatives.

Sexuality is in the heart of the Tantra doctrine to the extent that it is regarder as a deity. A deity which can help you achive the oh-so-desired deep and meaningful connection between one’s existence and life.

Tantra teaches us to strive for nobility, love-seeking conduct and respect toward others’ attitude. Gratitude towards our peers and enemies, each regarded as one side of the same coin.




The procudere starts with a sort of a body scan. Yes, I mean your body. And yes – it means a full undress, which will result in utter relaxation. After all, the sex attributes were regarded as a sacred matter – there was no room for any innapropriate stunts.

Tantra is regarded as either one of those, depending one one’s views and beliefs:

–          Yonnie is a Tantric Massage aimed at achieving female orgasm;

–         Lingam Tantra is for the male species – a phalus is required and if such is presenet – the procedure can unfold accordingly.


Men Point of View:

The Tantra Massage will make you feel trouble-free in no time. It all spells into an instant experience – or better yet – an instant ejaculation. No need to mention how beneficial the prostate massage to the male is – medicine history speaks for itself. If you require physical and psychological rest – you can achieve it in just 2 clicks away – VIP Massage studio

Women Point of View:

It is strictly with the help of Tantra techniques that women mount experience and feel better suited to admit what their sexual desires are. During the relaxation, a deep satisfaction on a physical, emotional and energy level can be achieved. This is a good way to connect to their inner desires and to reach a better understanding of what it is they truly want from life. All of this leads women to a deeper intimacy with one’s self. Moreover, this type of massage has a soothing effect on ladies during pregnancy – young mothers often experience difficulties during the early days of motherhood and the tantric massage aids them in re-descovering their sexuality after the physical transformations during and after pregnancy which can easily put serious obstacles in feeling pleasure of any kind.

For the Massage Therapist: The tantric massage therapist can be either male or female. On the receiving end, it is important that the patient selects the gender of the therapist according to their sexual preferences. Women would prefer men over women more often than not, and men – vice versa. Naturally, in our contemporary times, gay men would prefer a therapist from the same sex.

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