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How to find good masseurs in Sofia?

Masseur in SofiaNowadays more and more people rely on the services of masseurs. Some have resorted to them to unload after a long work week or to ease neuralgic pain, while others use their services regularly after strenuous sports activities, in order to achieve better results and even weight loss. But have you ever wondered how to find a good masseur in Sofia?


The first thing to do is to decide what kind of massage we need for this purpose may be required to honor the little literature on the matter, if for the first time undergo such procedures. Knowing what we need can now turn our attention to classic massage studios, physiotherapists, rooms for non traditional massages or beauty salons.


We can always look masseur on the Internet and will definitely find a lot of names, which unfortunately does not tell us anything. At first sight they will fall famous centers with an established reputation and customers. But if we want to avoid commercial in this case may look and smaller studios. To not test dummy as guinea pigs is good to see what is written about a masseuse in the forums. Not that it is accurate criteria but still gives some insight; I personally would not have sought the services of someone for whom 5 of 6 comments are negative. Moreover forums mention the names of some good masseurs who do not work in big studios do not pay for advertising, but rely just on his good name and advertising on the type of mouth to win customers.


Naturally we can ask friends and relatives for feedback and suggestions, but I think their knowledge in question are quite limited than those of Google. The question of subjective point of view remains, but nothing prevents to make a personal study their opinion.

If looking good masseur due to serious medical problems not necessarily want a recommendation for such a doctor or another doctor acquaintance whom we trust.

Once you have made your choice should not forget to throw a glance on the certificates and license to practice, which should be prominently displayed in the office. We have to be precise and careful looking good masseur in Sofia, in order to fully enjoy the massage as it is a means not only for the physical pleasure and mental comfort.


But speaking of good masseurs, we must recognize that this definition is not accepted unequivocally by all people. For some it is a good masseur who has a history, diplomas and a lot of practice for others is good masseur who has known customers and third best masseur is someone who has been recommended by trusted people.


Our understandings of the best massage are quite different. A good masseur must first be a good person. The positive bio energy masseur is one of the most important factors for the nice massage. When subjected to massage you are in direct contact with the energy masseur and his overall condition affects more powerful than massage techniques are used. Know that it is very important in what condition is the massage therapist during the massage – whether it is angry, tired or anything bother him or the opposite, whether it is calm and relaxed, this is crucial. Good massage does more than 3 massages a day, so the price of his massage will necessarily be higher. After the third massage collect as much negative energy that a subsequent massage procedure would be less effective.

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