Lingam massage

Lingam massage is part of  Tantra massage and often it is an ending part of the whole session.(prices)

Tantra is one of the most beautiful holidays from  all the delights for the body that may ever exist.

Tantra does not distinguish between good and bad parts of the body – every part is treated with reverence, this includes the genital areas as well. Although Tantra has been part of life for many people in the East for thousands of years until today for the western world i the interest is growing more and more. Tantra give tribute to the entire body and mind.

The body is part of this spiritual journey. The body enjoy in such a way that increases the energy and  makes Tantra very desirable part of life.

Lingam is the Sanskrit word for „penis“ and literal interpretation „wand of light“. The penis as part of the body and have the same attention during the Tantra massage and rest. Since the penis is an area that is very sensitive to touch and easily arise during lingam massage.

This is known as the „happy ending“ it is recommendable, but not required in order to enjoy this opiate . During Ling massage will be included to the  spiritual nature and use breathing techniques. This will help energy flow among the meridians of the crown chakra, which allows you to enjoy in a way that you can not reach with masturbation.    In addition, Lingam massage can help people who have difficulty in sex or have any inhibitions or even sexual dysfunction. This is a natural way to deal with these problems in a way that will be more successful than any pills or potions.

 Tantra massage as a whole and lingam massage as part of it can help you maintain an erection longer and you can be ensured that you will have a healthy sex life without worry. You will be taken in a completely different state of relaxation and excitement. You will be able to enjoy the purest form of ecstasy.

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