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Male massage SofiaThe prostate massage is considered a healing process and is classified as a typical therapeutic massage. Despite this, some men resort to prostate massage for strictly pleasure purposes as there are nerve endings of the sympathetic nervous system. The stimulation of this area leads to the stimulation of the pleasure centers in the hypothalamus. The prostate massage increases the adrenaline levels and leads to positive ‘stress’ of the nervous system as a whole. This condition is described as „ecstasy“ in many religious teachings and it is thought to lead to full harmony of the spirit and body.


Besides the purely spiritual aspect of the prostate massage, it has practical benefits on a purely physical level. Those include the increase of sexual desire and enhanced sexual function. Many couples that practice prostate massages argue that regular stimulation of the prostate prior to the intercourse contributes to noticeably more powerful erection than usual and generally increased duration of the act by about 3 to 5 minutes. A recent study by Universitad Aótonoma de Barcelona, ​​conducted after monitoring 32 pairs of different ages practicing weekly prostate massage demonstrated that the duration and intensity of orgasm in men (ejaculation) increases by about 18% after only six monthly practices of prostate massages.


The most widespread use of prostate massage is, of course, a medical procedure for prevention of prostatitis. It is believed that careful stimulation of the prostate with a gentle massage helps to improve the separation of pathological prostate secretions in men with chronic diseases.


The prostate massage is performed with slow circular movements with great care, especially in the beginning, as rough movements could cause injuries and general discomfort. It is recommended for the masseur to use silicone gloves or at least to have their hands and fingernails washed well. In Eastern medicine, this technique is widely used and the procedure is quite routine and risk-free. If you do prostate massage at home with your partner, you will agree that there is nothing complicated and has a stunning effect only after one or two treatments


The prostate gland lies under the bladder in the pelvis and has a shape of a small walnut. It is located close to the rectum and is therefore accessible to the hand fingers. It is covered with scar tissue and the back part is shaped like a groove, which divides it into two parts. The prostate is also gonad as it is responsible for the viability of the sperm. There is a direct link between the testicles and prostate gland. It is known for example that, after castration, the prostate ceases secreting and atrophy occurs and vice versa – the injection of sex hormones enlarges the prostate and strengthens its secretion.


How to Perform the Prostate Massage?


Most often, the massage is done with the pointer of your hand with which you feel more comfortable. Use a disposable and sterile rubber or silicone glove. The groping should be done carefully and slowly. The general sense on the receiving end is very enjoyable and leads to arousal. Pain is not a normal occurrence and if it occurs then it is a sign of inflammation or other problems. Before the prostate massage begins, it is recommendable to empty your bladder, lay on your back with bent knees and legs wide open. In addition to that, the prostate massage can be performed in another position – the patient can lean forward, leaning on his elbows on the massage couch. If the prostate massage is done sideways, then the patient lies on his right side with bent knees.


In general, the massage of the penis and anus are similar to the stimulation of G-spot in women. This is why the prostate massage is considered as a source of great pleasure and leads many men to internal orgasm or ejaculation.


It must be noted that the prostate massage should only be performed by a specialist masseur. For healthy patients, for prevention purposes and to improve erection and increase duration of the sex act, the prostate massage should be done once a week with for about 15 minutes. This is one of the types of massages that lead to the greatest relaxation of the patient.


It is important to note that no prostate massage should be done when the patient has acute prostatitis. The prostate massage is offered in Sofia in VIP massage studio.

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