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Swedish massage in Sofia

In the West, what most people think of when they hear the word massage is Swedish massage, a system directly applied to the skin that includes gl iding, kneading, and percussive strokes; friction; compression; vibration; and range of motion. Lubricants such as creams, lotions, or oils are used to faci litate smooth movements of the hands over the skin of the receiver. Swedish massage is performed on a massage table, and most sess ions are between thirty and ninety minutes long.
Swedish massage begins with large, broad movements and gradually moves into smaller and more specific actions as the tissues warm up and become soft. You apply massage lightly, or superficially, at the beginning of a session, while you are spreading the lubricant and introducing yourself to your partner’s body; you gradually deepen the pressure as you palpate or feel for inconsistencies and „issues“ in the muscles. When in doubt, always work with less pressure than you think is required and apply the strokes slowly. Watch for any indication that something is uncomfortable, such as facial grimaces, changes in breathing patterns, or clenched hands. Ask your partner if she is experiencing any discomfort and

adjust your strokes accordingly.
Swedish massage does not work deeply into tissues, and heavy people require no more pressure than thin ones. Amateurs should not work on athletes; they are likely to injure themselves trying to work deeply, when in fact, athletes benefit more in performance and after events from superficial, repetitive work.

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